[100% Fixed] SD Card Keeps Deleting Files by Itself

Summary: Is your SD card keeps deleting the files by itself? Try the following solutions mentioned on this page to avoid files from disappearing from SD card automatically. In order to recover deleted files from SD card, download SD card recovery tool o your computer and get back photos, videos and audio files easily.

Here have look at practical scenario: 


My SD card deletes new files by itself

I am using a SanDisk Ultra 64GB (Class10) micro SD-Card on Windows 8. I have another SD card exactly the same model of this one, and that does not have any problem yet.

I always put it into my laptop slot for secondary storage.

Recently, I found a big problem that my SD card won't work properly.

I mean, when I copy new files to the SD card. Firstly, it appears right. The file is intact and I can access the file. However, whenever I restart Windows 8 or when I wait about a few hours, the copied file is gone! just gone!

But the old files (before the problem appeared) still remained well.

Thus, I tested more.

Amazingly, when I delete the old files that means the files that I copied days ago, it seemed to be deleted at first. However, when I restart my Windows or wait for a few hours, It re-appear! Wow...

That does not happen when I refresh the Explorer or press F5. I have to wait for a few hours or reboot my laptop.

In summary:

    My SD card seemed to be 'held' at a certain moment.

    Whenever I copy new files, they will be deleted.

    Whenever I delete old files, they appear again!

Does anyone know similar issues?

I don't know whether it is relevant but this problem appeared about when I installed double-twist player but I never run this program after I acknowledged this SD card issue for sure.

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When your SD card, USB flash drive or hard drives starts to malfunction, then one of the usual symptoms is that it erases all files stored within the SD card. That’s really awful! Your memory card might become completely useless before you find the solutions to troubleshoot the problem and recover deleted files from the SD card.


Fortunately, there are some effective solutions that you can follow to prevent your SD card from deleting the files by itself


But before fixing the issue, it is important to recover valuable pictures, video and audio files from the SD card.


Below find out the SD card file recovery solution.


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How to Recover Files Deleted By Itself on SD Card?


The perfect and suitable SD Card recovery solution is Photo Recovery, you can try this tool to recover lost or deleted files that got deleted automatically by itself on SD card.


This file recovery software for SD card will allow you to retrieve only digital media files such as photos, videos and audio files. So, immediately apply the photo recovery tool, before your SD card completely gets useless. Recover the files and save it on your PC. 


Once, you recover files from SD card, you can then proceed further to fix the issue SD card deleting files by itself.


How To Fix SD Card Deleting the Files By Itself?


  1. Power off the phone.
  2. Remove the SD card and put it in a card reader and connect it to a PC.
  3. Now on your PC click START, type CMD on search bar and hit ENTER
  4. A new command prompt window will get open, now type chkdsk /f drive: (for example, chkdsk /f E: if your card drive letter name is E drive). You will probably see that corruption was found and fixed.
  5. Now transfer those recovered (that you recovered by using Photo recovery) files from your computer to SD card.
  6. Repeat chkdsk process once again.
  7. After this, safely eject the card from the PC and insert it back into your phone and see you do not have any problem now.