Solved: SD card wont mount error on Android

SD card won't mount, gives error message



 I have a new M4 Aqua that won't mount an SD card. I have tried 2 different SD cards, one that is 2 years old and works fine in other phones and one brand new one. Of course I have tried reformatting/erasing the cards both in the phone and on a computer, the diagnostic tool in the computer tells me the cards are fine, but when I try to mount the cards I get the message, "SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it." 

Thanks for any help. 


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What is mounted and unmounted SD card means?


Mounted: The card is connected to your phone, PC or whatever and it is ready for use.

Unmounted: The card is not connected and it is not recognized by the phone or PC.


How to Fix SD Card Won't Mount Error?


For a device to read and write data stored on a memory card, it has to be mounted. Generally, when we insert a card into phone or connect it with computer, most of time it gets mounted automatically.


But sometime, it may fail to mount and hence in such case you have to mount SD card manually or you have to fix SD card won’t mount error by following other solutions.  

In this post I have provided the two solutions that is mostly applied and are successful to solve SD card won’t mount issue.


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Solution 1. Fixing SD card won't mount error on Android smartphone


· Switch OFF your phone and insert the SD card into the phone’s SD card slot.

· Switch ON the phone and go to Setting and click on “SD and Phone storage”.

· Click on “Reformat” and within few seconds the format process will start. If it takes longer time, then it is better to reboot the phone once.

· Now on the same place, where you have formatted the SD card, tap on "Mount SD Card", if this option is not available then simply select "Unmount SD Card", Just wait for SD card to unmount and then tap on “Mount SD card”.


All done!


Note: Formatting SD card will erase all data stored within the card, hence keep a backup of SD card beforehand. If you have not taken backup, then immediately apply Photo Recovery software, it will help you to recover lost/formatted/deleted photos, videos and audio files from the SD card.



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