Symptoms of Corrupted SD Card And SD card Data Recovery

We all rely on SD card to store large amount of data. We use SD card in different gadgets such as phones, tablets, digital cameras, etc. But sometime we encounter with card corruption errors and thereafter we cannot access data stored within the SD card. It means SD card has probably got corrupted. 

But how to recognize or tell SD card is corrupt?


Well below find out some common symptoms of corrupted SD card that will tell that your card is damaged or corrupted.


Symptoms of Corrupt or Damaged SD Card

  • You will not be able to access data stored on the SD card.
  • Photos, videos and songs files will be missing.
  • Your SD card is gets detected or read by PC but, you are not able to access the files stored within it.
  • The screen of your camera gets blank or black and you can’t do anything about it.
  • When your PC says to “please insert a disk into usb drive”, even when you have inserted card.
  • When connected to PC, you can see the folders and root directory, but you can’t open the files. When you attempt to open them, then it display error message that card cannot be read.
  • When you get error messages such as “Blank SD card or has unsupported file format”, or “SD card showing 0 bytes”, or “folder is empty” and so on.
  • You are able to see photos on camera as well as on your PC, but when you try to copy them then you get error message. Most commonly CRC errors.
  • You camera or computer display pop-up saying you to reformat SD card.

These are some of the symptoms of corrupted or damaged SD card, but it does not end here – there are several symptoms that you may get that I not mentioned above.


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But it doesn’t matter, how your SD card got corrupted or damaged. The good news is that you can fix SD card corruption and errors by yourself and easily recover data from it.


Recovering Photos, Videos and Audio files from Corrupted SD Card


If you are looking to recover digital media files such as photos, videos or audio files from corrupted or damaged SD card then you can use SD card recovery software. This software can handle different card corruptions and errors and help you to restore lost, inaccessible, missing media files from SD card.


It also retrieves media files from virus infected, unreadable, unrecognized, formatted SD card.


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