Best Way to Restore Media Files From Encrypted SD Card

Summary: In this post you are going to learn about the easiest and simple way to recover photos from encrypted SD card. You will also learn what are encryption and the perfect software to retrieve images from SD card that is encrypted.


In order to avoid other people from accessing or viewing my files such as photos, videos or audio recordings, etc on my Xiaomi phone, I encrypted my SD card with the help of third party encryption app. But recently my SD card got corrupted and now I am not able to access any data stored within it. Even though I have the password for decrypting the encrypted files but I am not able to open the encrypted data on SD card. So, is there any tool that can help me to retrieve media files from encrypted SD card?


We will learn about recovery of media files from encrypted SD card but before that let us know what encryption is and what it does to files.


What is Encryption?


Encryption is a process that convert or transform the data in such a way that only the authorized person those who have key or password can access the data. If you lost or forgot the key or password then you will not be able to access your files.


Encryption is used to protect data from unauthorized people. This feature is mostly used by big companies and enterprises to protect their financial and other data.


But these days, even the people like you and me uses different third part apps to encrypt and hide photos, videos audio files on mobile to avoid unknown access to their personal photos and videos.


Nevertheless, whatever may be the reasons that are not allowing you to access your media files from encrypted SD card, you still have the chance to get back photos, videos and audio files with the help of appropriate data recovery software.


Recover photos, videos and audio files from encrypted SD card


No matter what made your data lost or inaccessible on encrypted SD card, you can easily restore media files from encrypted SD card with the help of Photo Recovery software. The software is available for both Window and Mac users.


This software is powerful, effective and safe and it is best and perfect encrypted SD card data recovery tool. With the use of this software, one can easily rescue encrypted media files from SD card with ease.


So, download and install Photo Recovery and start restoring photos, video and audio files from encrypted SD card.


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