Fixes To Solve SD Card Showing Fatal Errors & Recover Media Files

SD card is nowadays very used to thing as we all store our media files in it whether it is on your android phone or it is on digital camera. Sometime the situation occurs when you get error message like "Media card storage cannot be accessed due to fatal errors”. This post is mainly dedicated to deal with this particular SD card issue and retrieve photos, videos and audio files from it.

Effectively Fix SD Card Fatal Errors & Retrieve Files


Micro SD card is memory card that is widely used in different gadgets to store data like pictures, videos, music, movies and other important files too. But there are several situations where users face different SD card fatal error messages and thereby they are not able to access stored data on it. This kind of card error message is mostly noticed by users who are using Blackberry phones. 


Reasons That Leads to SD Card Fatal Errors


Improper removal of card from the gadgets or from computer

• May be the interruption has occurred while files are in read/write process or when files are getting transferred from SD card to other devices. 

• Storing files on your newly buyed memory card without formatting it.

• microSD card saved files may also get corrupt due to virus or malware infection.


If your SD card displays such type of fatal error messages then it may throw several error messages.


• Card cannot be used

• SD card unexpectedly removed

• Micro SD card is full

• Media card storage cannot be accessed 

• Card cannot be formatted

• SD card is empty: display zero byte data

• Memory card has been formatted wrongly


All this error message is a sign that the data stored within the card is got damage or corrupted severely. Hence the data stored in the card is somehow get inaccessible. There are also such situation occur where card doesn’t get detected with the device or on computer system. For such cases the use of third party tool is quiet an easy way to recover and get access from SD card that throws fatal error. 


How to Solve Micro SD Card Fatal Errors & Recover Media Files


Before you proceed further to reformat the card, you must give it a try to use Micro SD Card Fatal Error Recovery software like, Digital Media Recovery Tool for Windows/Mac. As this is the best recommended tool that can restore your inaccessible, lost, corrupted, missing or even formatted data from the card showing fatal errors. This software can recover multimedia files such as photos, videos and audios. It can solve memory card locked error issue, recover files from unrecognized memory card, fix write protected card error and other card errors and issues. 


Tips To Remember:


• Make a proper backup of your files of your SD card on another place like PC or external data storage devices.

• Abrupt removal of card makes such problem so it’s better to always perform safe removal of card from gadgets.

• Don’t handle the microSD card in wrong way that may cause fatal errors

• Format the newly buyed card before using it.


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