How To Recover Deleted YouTube Videos?



I was using my bands YouTube account and I was recently deleting some old videos and I accidentally deleted our most popular song. Please help.

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Like other video files, it is possible that you might have lost or accidentally deleted your important YouTube Videos. And now you might be looking for an effective solution that could help you to recover lost/deleted YouTube videos.


In this post I am going to discuss about two situations:


Situation 1: How to find/recover YouTube Videos that you have deleted from your YouTube account.


Situation 2: How to recover lost/deleted YouTube videos that you have accidentally deleted from media storage devices.


But before that let us know what are the common reasons that are responsible for the deletion of YouTube video files?


Reasons responsible for the deletion of YouTube video files

  • Deleting Google account from which you have uploaded the video on YouTube will also delete the uploaded videos
  • When you delete the YouTube channel, then your videos get deleted permanently
  • Accidental deletion of videos that you have stored on your media storage devices like memory cards, hard drive, USB drive, etc
  • Virus or malware infection can also corrupt videos stored within the hard drive, card, USB flash drive, etc
  • Formatting the media storage devices also result in deletion of all files including YouTube videos

Well, in any of the above mentioned situation you will lose your YouTube video files, but you should not worry at all. With the available solution can get back your deleted or lost YouTube videos with ease, just try the solution mentioned below.


Best Solutions To Recover Deleted/Lost YouTube Videos


So as I mentioned above, find out the solution as per the situations:


Situation 1: Restore/Find Deleted YouTube Videos Online


When you upload videos to YouTube, then there are several other websites that fetch your videos from YouTube. Hence, if you are lucky enough, then you may find your YouTube videos. Below find out the list of the websites:


Visit the above mentioned sites and search your videos with the Title of the videos that you have uploaded on the YouTube.


Note: There are several hundred of websites that store files from YouTube available on the net. The website that I have mentioned is just some of them. You can find more of them on the internet.


Situation 2: Get Back YouTube Videos Deleted/Lost From Media Storage Devices


If you are looking for a solution for recovering YouTube Videos that you have deleted/lost from your media storage devices such as memory cards, SD card, USB flash drive, hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive then you can use Photo Recovery software, which is perfect tool that is designed to restore almost all file format of videos (including YouTube videos), audio and photos from several media storage devices.


The software is available for both Windows and Mac users, so download and recover your lost or deleted YouTube videos from media storage devices, no matter whatever may be the reasons behind the deletion of the files.

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